Skillandia LXS

  We are LXS. What does it mean? Learning experience system, not LMS. And what is the difference? In our focus are people who need information and people who have information.  Skillandia means: simplicity, scalability and agility.

  Allowing to make, publish, check, adjust any blended training super fast (in hours) and super easy (you can do it alone without involving other specialists (e-learning specialist, designer, coder, graphic designer, learning group manager, etc.) and only a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet is needed. You only need is dentifying where the knowledge is already available within the organization and involving those knowledge heroes to the teaching/knowledge sharing.

You are the master of ceremony: full flexibility in creating, managing and adjusting learning groups (change them anytime within seconds). Easy to nudge and engage learners by adding a simple video, a quest or challenge and motivate them to try the new skill.

Skillandia Content

  Skillandia allows you to start with valuable and profesional content in the most popular areas. Sales and management. You can read more below, but if you looking for something special. We will find it for you in portfolio of trusted content providers.

Skillandia unique learning video content consists form professional animated video lessons, control questions and open questions to challenge users. The challenge is very important to get feedback and push users to action.

Management Excellence 

Academy for middle and first line OR new managers (also useful to refresh management basics). It includes skills like managing others, leadership, influencing people, operations or long-term development of people.

Sales Excellence

Development program for everybody who wants to succeed in sales, communicating with customers, and those who want to work on their personal growth.

Retail Excellence

Development program to support all retail networks to help sales people sale more and take care about customers

Customer Service Excellence

The road to superior customer care and service

Skillandia Studio

  Still not enough? Do you have very special requiremnts? Don't worry. We will help you. Skillandia has team of professionals, which create a tailored animated video for you.

How we will do it? Look at these 9 steps. And sure, during the whole process you have the full control over the production.

1. Specification of the topic
2. Creation of the story line
3. Type of graphic style. From easy and simple to advanced.


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Courses in demo

Sales excellence

Customers visit you and have a look at your goods. Sometimes they buy, sometimes they criticize. How should you behave in each situation?

Back to basics

We all feel we already know how to sell but do we? Sometimes it is nice to go back to basics. Follow Hannah and her cat on a journey to discover how to sell herself, her passion and her project.