Skillandia Use cases

Once upon a time, in a far, far away, we created Skillandia. We moved e-learning tool into the story and action, we changed the information system into the game. 

You can trade information and knowledge in more effective way with business customers and partners. You can recognise your best teammates and train them to bring more value for your customers. You can appraise best achievements and good stuff in your business environment. Good stuff = more customers. 

More customers = more gold coins. We can provide you guidance in following situations:

Onboarding and pre-recruitment process

We all know situations, when we need to find the healer and get him on the board. We need to find the right people to kill that dragon and meet that particular deadline. Recruiting is critical process in your company. 

With Skillandia, we can help you speed up the process, decrease the cool-down & save money. We got all necessary weapons – excellence courses, scalable online tool and lot of experience.

Once people are on board, we can make them feel like a part of the team – easier, faster and cheaper.

Practice sharing (either best practice or hard skills)

Did you know, that 90% experience and knowledge exists within your teams already? Almost everyone knows how to get their job done. The magic lies in asking the right people – Skillandia helps you to recognise the leaders of soft skills, hard skills and rare skills within your company. You never know what gems are enchanted in your colleagues!

Trainers and mentors

Trainers and mentors need the right tools, just like blacksmiths need their forge. For them, we prepared simple and intuitive platform that increases their learning impact, like true mages. They can easily extend presence trainings to online world with “blended solution” approach and keep people involved and motivated for a way longer period.

Management excellence

Remember when you were Level 1 and thinking about that Level 80 Armor? We bet you have team leaders and junior managers that are looking for improvements. We prepared for them TOP skills – already transferred to bite-size videos. Essential management skills play a significant role as pillars of your success. Always available as handy solution – for nice repetition.

Sales excellence

Statistics say that 30% of revenue is still locked within your sales teams. Do you have the right keys? Because we have. 

We know how to improve your lockpicking skills and unlock those hidden gems. Our sales excellence training helps you to be excellent in sales, excellent in results, excellaent in client relationships – in everything you need to make that journey successful. 

We want you to get more revenue and bless your customers for their loyalty and references.


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